In My Evanston

In my Evanston I like to play sports Ridgeville Park

I wake up

I eat breakfest

Then I brush my teeth

I put on some clothes and some basketball shoes

Then walk to the park

And I play my favorite sports

I like to play Football and also Basketball

I love to play on the basketball court

Sports are my one true passion.

When I’m playing sports I always have a good time .

I dribble across the pavement I took the the shot, It hits the backboard I miss the shot but then I tryed again.

I practice as hard as I can to get better.

Practice makes perfect, I believe.

I like playing sports with my friends

I like to play basketball at Chute Middle School

I play games with them

Then we go to the store or a restaurant to get a cold refreshing drink

Then I go back home

I do my homework

I read for a little bit

I play video games

Then eat dinner

  1. Football

  2. Basketball

  3. Basketball Court

  4. Dribble across the court/ Me taking a shot/ Backboard

  5. Me dribbling

  6. Concrete

  7. Background

  8. Me brushing my teeth

  9. Sports Clothes

  10. Basketball Shoes

  11. Bike

  12. Playing Sports with my friends

  13. Bed

  14. Game Console

  15. Game Controller

  16. Video Games

  17. Elite Nike Socks

  18. Breakfest

  19. Dinner

  20. Toothbrush

  21. Toothpaste

  22. Homework

  23. Pencil

  24. iPad

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