In my Evanston I wake up in my bed in the morning with my brother throwing me off the bed.

I eat breakfast and I walk to school.

On my way to school I meet up with some friends.

We walk the rest of the way there together.

We talk about how sometimes school can be fun


but sometimes school can make you want to take a nap.  

we talk about what we are going to do on the weekends, and how fun it would if it was a half day everyday. We also talk about how crazy our family can get at party's or just how crazy they are in general. I talk to my friends and have a good time before I enter the 6 hour jail. . When I get to school. The bell rings I run up stairs to the locker room. I put my stuff in my locker. I run to my first period class so I won't be late. I still feel droopy, we are at the door waiting for ms.kushner the bell rings ms. Kushner isn't here yet. There bam when we least expect its ms.kushner she has opened the door. I walk through the door yawning and, saying good morning. I sit down and listen to ms. Kushner say some things about taking pictures. Then comes the fun part we take picture post them on our website and, then all the sudden the bell rings our time is gone. It all passes by really fast. Well that's ok I guess we have to go to our second period class now. We are all rushing out the door as we go out the door all you here is. Shouting "BYE MS.KUSHNER SEE YOU TOMORROW." Boom then just like that my early morning is gone and time to go on. That is my early morning in my Evanston.   

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