1. pictures- I need 4 more photos that i cant get at school.
2. voice over- i need to start recording my voice because i could not hear myself.
3. imovie- I have not started on my imovie.
In my Evanston I like to play sports.

I play hockey

Day after day I practice harder than the last.

Last week we had a game

and we won 4-2.

Most of the time I score lots of goals.

But not always.

Feeling the wind whipping at my face as I skate

Hockey is a very athletic sport

I am tired after practices and games

I love scoring goals

I play for an Evanston team.

They are called the Wildkits

The Ice is nice and smooth

Sometimes I get knocked down

But I always get back up.

I love playing with my friends.

I like to play other teams

Hockey is very competitive.

When my team scores we celebrate

When I skate I feel alive, I feel like I can do anything.