In my Evanston, I wake up to the sound of my alarm, as I try to I pound the snooze button at 7:00 in the morning.  I look outside my window and see the sun shining at me.  Then, my mom call me down for breakfast. I smell  eggs and bacon as I walk to the kitchen. It smells amazing. I eat my breakfast, and after I change out of  my pajamas into the clothes I'm wearing to school. Then I quickly brush my teeth,  pack my backpack, and grab my lunch from the refrigerator. Then i check the clock quickly, and walk out the door. As I open the door to walk to school, I feel the cold wind hit my face as a see cars passing the street. I see robins and squirrels gathered by dewy grass , finding food to eat for breakfast.  I pass park, and I quickly walk to my friend Lia's house being careful not to be late. I knock on her door and hear her dog barking loudly to say someone's at the door. Then she walks out the door, and I feel a swoosh of warm air coming from her house. We walk to school the rest of the way to school, and look at the trees and the bright blooming flowers, even though its lightly raining and the ground is muddy.  Then,  we swing open the door at school, ready for a new day at chute, in my Evanston.

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