In my Evanston I wake up in the morning when my alarm rings. I go to the bathroom and see my eyes all puffy and red, I go downstairs and have some breakfast, get dressed,  And go to school. When I get to school, I talk to my friends until the bell rings. The five minute bell rung. Time to go to media arts! On my way downstairs I see my friend Gaby  walking in the room. “YAGA!” I say while I pull her braid. She stares at me and shakes her head. I walk away laughing. Media arts is over. Hello science! Science is one of my LEAST favorite subjects. “Welcome in!” says dr. B. I’m sitting down, sleepy not wanting to be here. “Ringgg!” the bell finally decides to ring! Finally I’m out of here. On my way to LA I see my best friend Ariana. “Hi Fridita.” She says with a slight smile on her face, because she knows I don’t like to be called that. We walk in side take our seats. I take a deep breath ready to face mrs. Fox and the fact  that I didn’t finish my homework. FINALLY IT’S LUNCH TIME!!! I get  to talk without getting in trouble and I get to eat. When we go outside for recess I go play soccer with my guy friends, Vincent, Gerson, Kevin and Rick. It’s weird, because I’m always the only girl there, but I don’t care I do what I like to do. When I have the ball I hear people say “Frida with them skills!” It makes me want do better. Darn it! When i don't want the bell to ring it rings and when i want it to ring it doesn't ring. We go line up I'm sitting down I can't catch my breath. My face is all red! I feel like the pizza I had for lunch wants to come out. My second favorite period comes... GYM.  This is my favorite unit roller skating. Now on my way to my favorite subject and class MATH with ms. Lev. She's an awesome teacher and she's really funny. In her class we play around when we learn and I like that way of learning. And we do a lot of hands on learning too which is cool because we make posters and she hangs them up in the class. After that my 3rd favorite period comes Math support its like advisory but we do some math. Some days my teacher    ms. Gorman gives us candy. That's my life in Evanston.

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