In my Evanston I go to Chute middle school, and it's really hard to get up in the morning because of all the chaos! I wake up in the morning at 7:00 to the smell of donuts. I put my clothes on, get my teeth brushed, and take a shower. Then I go downstairs to get some breakfast. My sister throws her strawberries on my brothers head. Of course he gets mad and it turns into a food fight. Luckily I need to go to the bus with my BFF Izzie. I meet her at her house and we walk to our bus stop. We wait for about 5 minutes and then the bus arrives. We get on the bus and head to the back. I put my headphones on and listen to my music. Then after about 10 minutes we arrive to Chute middle school. I go inside because it's pretty cold outside. I see all of my friends and talk to them until 8:20 then we head inside a put all of our belongings into our locker. Off to first period! When i arrive to First period i see Ms.Kushner. Then i head to second and third period which is Reading/LA. I greet Dr. Osher and take a seat. After the 80 minutes i need to head to math, which is period 4-5 with Miss.Lev. Its fun because Miss. Lev is one of my favorite teachers. After the 80 minutes i have with miss.Lev i run out the door and sprint to the lunch line. I get my lunch. After lunch i go to gym and take my shoes off and get my rollerskates. I tie my rollerskates and start skating. They have a limbo pole so i lean down and go under the limbo stick.  After my 40 minutes of gym i head to social studies i say hello to ms.davis. We learn about Buddhism and hinduism. After Ms. Davis, i go to Dr.B. Dr. B teaches science. I have her for 40 minutes on mondays. i have her double periods on days, wednesdays and fridays. after i go to science i make my way to advisory i have miss.lev and mr.fratella, they switch off every week.

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