#1 Pictures: I have taken all of my 24 pictures they are placed clearly in my movie. 
#2 Voice Over: I have my voice recorded and it is in my iMovie. 
#3 iMovie: I have my pictures and voice in iMovie. Each of my pictures are in order and I am trying to match my voice with the pictures.  
In my Evanston I like to explore new places and have a good time.

From Starbucks to James Park there are so many different things to do.

Each place in Evanston is like a hidden gem.

A little restaurant or shop hiding in a small town in a big country.

Sometimes we journey out to other places in Evanston.

In those cities we go visit family and friends.

While we're there, we play, chase each other around, and play sports.

When I visit friends and family we talk and play games.

My family likes to cook so sometimes food is accompanied with fun.

My family eats different foods like chicken, Mac and Cheese, and French fries.

My family and I like to walk our dogs and watch our Evanston slowly fall asleep.