In my Evanston my cousins make the loudest noise waking me up early in the morning, I go to the bathroom, and I brush my teeth,and take a shower and eat breakfast my cousins start a food fight. My cousin Marques throws an apple slice and it lands on my head, so I throw back a banana. Everyone is screaming and shouting in the kitchen trying to eat breakfast and get to school on time. My ears are ringing from the noise. I can't stand the noise, so I get out the house and make my way to dunkin donuts! After dunkin donuts I head down to school and my friend meets at school.
I go to first period and take the most amazing nature pictures and head to math, I do the math with my friends and turn it in on time. I sit at fourth and fifth period waiting to go to lunch hoping that we get out on time and just my luck we are are sitting five minutes after the bell waiting to finish a project. I  go downstairs hoping nobody really felt like going to lunch and I see a line filled with people laughing and talking and I see my friend Hannah sitting at the table by herself so think should I go sit or go into the line? so I sit down with my friend and wait for the line to go down. I go to gym and start running, I go to language arts I listen and edit my literary analysis, I go to advisory and listen to the music beating in my ears. School ends and I walk home with my friends, I get inside the house and do my homework, I ask my mom if I can go outside and skateboard, of course I have to take my cousins with me but it doesn’t bother me. I play catch with my cousins and climb the trees, I ask my cousins if they want water, I go to the kitchen and get three cups of water, and bring it back outside, I play until it’s night time and go to bed.