1. Pictures- i have all my pictures. Everything has been well.
2. voiceover-  I am done.
3. imovie- I am done and need you to check it.

In my Evanston I like to eat.

I eat anytime my stomach grumbles.

After 9am is usually when I get hungry.

I eat all kinds of foods with a range of flavors,

everything from bread to cheeseburgers.

They are all tasty to me!

I try not to eat what I desire all the time

but it’s hard not to.

When I think about the Garlic fries, tasty macaroons, squishy sushi,

the strawberries in strawberry shortcake, juicy lobster fries,

the boba in Forever Yogurt's yogurt,

and the cookie dough pieces in cookie dough ice cream,

I just have to taste it!

Cheesies’s Pub, Joy Yee, Edzo’s Burger Shop,

Jamba Juice, Potbelly's,

Andy's Frozen Custard,and Lou Malnati’s

are what my heart desires.

The only time I would ever hate food

is when I’ve eaten too much of it.

Food satisfies my mouth, stomach, and heart.

Although I know when to stop eating,

too much food is not good for you

but it’ll sure make you happy!

In Evanston there are restaurants everywhere I drive by.

When I do homework, I have a snack to eat.

When I'm listening to music or just sitting around,

I usually have something in my hand ready to enter my stomach.

Eating makes me happy.

Seeing the beautiful lake

And eating all the diverse cuisine in my Evanston

Is heaven.