1.pics. for our poem we need 24 pictures. so far i have 19 pictures most of the other kids are ahead of me becuase most of my pictures are drawings and it takes a while because i dont want bad drawings.

2.voiceovers. i havnt started recording my voice yet becuase of pics.

3.imovie. this i havnt started yet either because i need voice overs and pics to start.

In my Evanston I draw.

superheroes, monsters,cars,mythical creatures and people.

Paper and pencil is my escape.

Cars are really hard to draw.

Last week I drew robot fighter.

its easier to draw something i can see or seen.

I can draw my mind when I can't speak it.

Sometimes my images pop out of the paper.

This is another form of my imagination.

I like to be creative.

I have been drawing for most of my life.

I draw at school.

each day i get better and better.

drawing relaxes me.

im working on drawing better on the computer.

sometimes i get ideas off the internet.

i copy some art.

it makes me better.

thats what artists do.

but im not a artist.

im a cartoonist.

a artist is more realistic.

a cartoonist is more….

colorful  & cartoon-ish.