story                                                                                                                  by:julia garcia

in my evanston i go school at Chute Middle School.

its a large school and the school has a courtyard,

a gym, and a cafeteria among other things.

I go to my locker and see other green lockers with purple locks keeping their belongings safe.

After 8:20 the locker room is full of kids getting what they need for class.

I open my locker and put my stuff in and grab my gym shoes.

then I see a beautiful purple lock

then I go to first period

my first period is gym.

I like gym because its fun

then I got to my other classes and I see my friends

and after lunch I go to my favorite class media arts

when the bell rings I look at the clock to see what

time it is and then I go to my locker and

then I go to the office and drop of my ipad

then I get on the bus and go home

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