1.)Pictures: i am finished with all 24 pics, and i have spent a lot of time in the library taking them, my favorite is probably the one where i angle off the books cause it gives a good movie.
2.)Voice over: i am finished with my voice over, and i have completely spoken out my entire poem. 
3.)Imovie: i am half way done with my movie, I am trying to put in all my pics and edit with transitions, but overall i am close to finishing.



In my Evanston
I love to read
So many books I read till midnight
I read till I fall asleep.
When I'm asleep I dream about what might happen in my book.
Each day I open a new book and a new world.
Books are my world.
When I read I get excited because my book is so good.
I read like a dragon protects his gold.
Reading is important you can never stop.
When you read you explore.
One page can show you something new.
reading is fun wrapped in a book.

Reading can show, and share your personality.

Thousands of topics, and subjects to choose from.

An endless supply of books.

allows your imagination to run wild.

Hopping from dragons to fairies.

From Fantasy to Fiction.

LIbrary to library its always different.

Books don’t only make things fun but they make everything around them special.

Picture List

  1. love reading

  2. reading till midnight

  3. dreaming about the book

  4. a new book equals a new world

  5. you can never stop reading

  6. reading is like exploring

  7. picture of turning a new page

  8. reading is fun put in a book

  9. thousands of books with different stories

  10. endless amount of books

  11. books allow your imagination to run wild

  12. fantasy to fiction

  13. library

  14. books make thing special

  15. books are everywhere

  16. you always are learning

  17. thoughts can flow through you

  18. all books are different

  19. they come from libraries

  20. reading until your to tired

  21. they can take you anywhere

  22. there fun

  23. they are magical

  24. they are special