1. Pictures-
I currently have all my photos. I have also edited all of them and they are on my iMovie.

2. Voiceover-
I have edited and finished my voiceover. Overall it worked pretty well, however I had some problems sending the recording to my e-mail.

3. iMovie-
I have all the pictures in iMovie and my voiceover is there too. I have some sound effects, but I am still working on getting more. I also need to add transitions. But, other than that I am done.

In my Evanston

There are many types of people

As kids walk down the halls

I see students that have shiny blonde locks

With crystal blue eyes

Some with caramel colored mains

And dark brown eyes

Others have streaks of purple in their hair

But with eyes as green as grass

I see hundreds pairs of shoes

Clunky black boots

Neon gym shoes

And faded blue converse

I see glasses that cover eyes

Some kids have freckles that dot there nose

A few have drawings on their hands

While others have paint that masks their nails

Or earrings that cling to their ears

I see kids that are short

And kids that are tall

Each one from different corners of the world

Each one with a different story

Each one with a different background

But all can be found in one town...

My Evanston