In my Evanston I like to shop for the latest fashions and styles

I look for the best outfits.then I brush my teeth and wash my face

I swallow my breakfast, and decide what to wear. After that I decide to take a 101 selfies and airdrop them to everyone 'yay'.

Then I run down to breakfast,,excited to start the day.then when I walk I see dunkin donuts and think I should get one then before I go to school I look in a store window and I see a cute outfit and I go in and buy one because it is 50 % off so i called my mom and told her to call the school to let me go ahead and shop for clothes but she said no so i went to school and when school was over i went back to the store called pretty  girls so i got three dresses for $20.00 so i got them went home hung them up in my closet with all my pretty  clothes.Next day i do my regular days and i put on my outfit and go to school my friends think im cute then i take 3,000 selfies then send them to everybody.