In my Evanston I have a lot of hobbies in the arts.

At school, the highlight of my day is my violin lesson with my teacher.

She helps me go faster on my pieces and teaches me new techniques.

After school, once my homework is done, it’s time to practice violin.

I am always reluctant to practice my violin, but once I start,

I entrance myself with my own music.

My fingers weave through the strings, and I can’t stop.

I love playing the violin, and I am in two orchestras.

One is the concert orchestra, and the other is honors orchestra.

They are both for school.

In addition to the violin, I also play piano.

I have been playing the piano for a long time, since kindergarten, so I am pretty good at it.

After practicing violin, I never want to practice more music, but I sit down at the piano anyway because I want to improve my skills.

My fingers fly over the keys gracefully.

The sweet sounds of the Fur Elise fill my ears

as I work on the second section of the piece.

Sometimes, I take a break from my music when I have after school activities such as stage crew.

Stage crew is always fun.

I am in costume crew right now.

My job is to help pick out the costumes for the show, Chess Rumble from the costume closet.

Now that the show is ready to perform, costume crew is helping house crew

hold open the doors, pass out programs, and welcome the audience in.

I love watching the actors.

One day, I hope that I can be in advanced drama, art, or media arts.

On Saturdays, I go to ballet.

Right now, we are learning a new dance routine for our performance in May.

I find that ballet is a lot like music.

I lose myself in it a lot of the time.

Between violin, piano, stage crew, and dance, there are so many ways I am involved in the arts in my Evanston.

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