In my Evanston, the alarm clock wakes me up and I slowly get up and greet the day.

I open the blinds, momentarily blinded, and accept the warm, spring weather.

Even though it's bright and sunny, sometimes it's hard to face the morning.

I walk to the bathroom sink and brush my teeth while my sister is blaring music in her room.

I trip down the stairs as I smell bagels cooking.  I sit down at the kitchen table.

I pick up my backpack after a filling breakfast and it feels as if bricks are in it, dragging me down as I walk to school.

The doors open and I hear laughter and talking as I find my friends in the groups of people filling the stairway.

The locker clicks and opens as I put my books in the locker and walk downstairs to my 1st period class.

The bell rings and the kids trample up the stairs, running to their lockers and next classes.

The desk is cold as it hits my arm, and chills run down my spine I raise my hand when the teacher calls my name.

Class is over and the clock strikes noon as I run to my locker to get my lunch and walk down to the lunchroom, with the sounds of people talking and walking around.

I hear the basketballs bouncing as I enter the gym because lunch has finished, and we have free time in PE

The music is loud and people are singing along as they run down the gym floor.

I hear the bell ring and everyone returns the basketballs and soccerballs.

I run up the stairs and go to the third floor, open the door and sit down, ready to start writing as I hear people whispering and listening to music quietly.

I take a deep breath of fresh air as I start to walk home, because school is finished.

I hear my friends running and laughing, ready to go home and enjoy the afternoon.