1 pictures: I have all off my picture ready and in order.

2 voice over: my voice over is completly finished and sound effects are downloaded and done.

3: i have finished my imovie with all off my pictures. All sound overs are done. I added all off the sound effects.


In my Evanston,

I wake up and eat breakfast.

Then i get dressed.

I try to finish my homework as fast as I can till school

I hear the bell as I step outside

i Run to my locker as quickly as I can

And go to my first period class.

I like to go to my classes

My first period class is gym which makes me tired.

But I love the fun activities that we have at First period gym.

But my favorite part is the passing periods, I feel like I am part of something bigger.

When i come home, i play video games.

i eat dinner and read

i go to sleep and sleep all night

i wake up on the weekend and play video games all day.

during spring break, i go to Pennsylvania

i visit my cousins Eric and Jenna

i go home and go to school

and all over again.