1. Pictures 
So far with my pictures they are good  and I have a few blurry pics overall there good.

2. Voiceover 
Recording my voice was easy I did pretty good. Last time I recorded my voice I did very horrible,so I hope i did better this time.

3. I Movie 
I doing good so far i got my recording done,and my pictures are pretty good so i,m cool.
In my Evanston I like to play baseball.

My favorite part of the sport is swinging the bat.

I love hearing the metal clank as I make contact with the ball.

I play shortstop for ESBA in the spring.

When I’m not playing on a team, I like to play sports with friends.

Before baseball season starts we play basketball at James Park.

We pass the ball, hoping for an open shot.

I like to play sports with friends. On a Tuesday I play basketball. When I play basketball, I wear my cool shoes.

I play baseball with my friends at James park.  

I like my sports equipment.

I like to have fun when I play sports.

Especially when I try hard to hit the ball it goes forward.

At the end of day i got to be fresh even when i’m playing baseball.