1. Pictures- I have all my 24 pictures, I really took really interesting pictures like the house in the middle and the sun comes through.
2. Voice over- I only need to record one more part of the piece of my poem. 
3. iMovie- I have all my pictures in my iMovie I just need my voice record.

In my Evanston I like to listen music

One of my favorite music is hip-hop

I listen to the radio for the newest songs

I listen to all kinds of music

I get home and start listening to music.

I listen music in my phone with my blue and black earbuds

I like listening  to music because it's calming

Music makes you forget problems

The music hugs my ears, and locks out all the outside things

I listen to all kinds of music the sound makes it feel like I'm legendary

Music is very interesting because the sound waves flow to your ears and the beat and rhythm  

That it makes want to sing and dance along

Music makes me feel like a free bird flying in the sky…..

When I have a bad day I start listening to music and relax

Music makes me forget of everything

I love like to listen to Music