heres where im at I finished i just need to make a new title

In my Evanston. I play basketball and football in my backyard after school. My friends come over play 2k and play basketball. I go to Ridgeville to play basketball.  After that I stop cause i’m thirsty and my feet hurt like rocks.

I bounce the basketball and I shoot a three pointer I am a head 2 points and ready to win! But then I lose.  And go to the bathroom to cry with doughnuts. Then I go home drink some berry punch and eat pretzel sticks and watch t.v. After that I go out side and practice basketball on my basketball hoop and my little sister gets her friends and play hide and seek. When I go I go inside I play 2k and facetime friends then eat dinner and go to sleep.

Then in the morning my alarm nae nae wakes me up at 6:00am and I take a shower brush my teeth and comb my hair then watch t.v and go to school rush down to media arts and play on my ipad before class.
I was looking at rule of 3rds by getting me or my friends in the middle box or there in between something.